I am 35 yrs and I never thought I would be saying I have cancer. On June 5th, I found a lump. I freaked, immediately wanting to get in to a doctor. I have a wellness exam June 9th, from there they order a mammogram and an ultrasound. I got had these done on June 12th. On June 14th I received my results. I have never been so hysterical in my life, I had read up on the scoring. Bi-Rad 5 o.O I lost it. Highly suggestive of malignancy. So from there I had to go thru heck trying to find funding to have a core biopsy done. The UTMB in Beaumont messed up and never checked with my insurance to see if I could have one done. So we finally get to the point where we were gonna pay it out of pocket. I get the great news “ITS COVERED”. So my mom takes me to have the biopsy on June 23rd. My mom has been great through this whole process. On June 27th we receive the news. Its as we feared. Its Cancer. So from there they schedule me to see Dr Helen Silva, she is a surgeon. So we see her on June 30th, she goes over my pathology. I have Triple Negative Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. This is the start of my journey.



A year ago today I received some of the most devastating news. I found out the results of my biopsy, that I had breast cancer. Today I rang the bell!!! I’m in REMISSION!!! Today is definitely a great day!! 💙💙 Have a blessed one! I’m out celebrating !!

One year

Today marks the first of year marks. One year ago today I found my lump and it started me on this journey. So many things have changed , I have gained and lost so much. At the end of the day, I have made it through. Have a blessed Tuesday.

Another surgery down

Well another surgery down, hysterectomy went off without a hitch. The doctor said I barely lost a spoonful of blood. Will be on restrictions for about six weeks. 💙💙 Feeling tired and sore but I’m just fine.

Surgery after surgery oh dear

Over the last month, we have found I am in menopause.. Thanks chemo, I have abnormal cells in my Uterus -not cancer- fibroids. Cowden syndrome literally the gift that keeps giving. I will have pre-op April 30, and a hysterectomy May 1. More surgeries for other things to come, just another bump in this road. Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather. 💙💙💙🌻

Surgery, Final pathology, Expansion..

Bi-lateral masectomies suck.. the drains suck.. the losing simple freedoms suck. It saved my life though. Even with all the pain, the things that have upset me about this, I would advise anyone in my position to do the same thing. My final pathology came out great… I’m CANCER free! We will not call remission till May, I have to have a pet scan and bone scan. I’m excited for that chance to ring the bell, to know i survived this. This past Friday we started expanding the tissue expanders further .. this is a slow long process. After I reach 600 CC’s , they will let me heal a little further then put in my permanent implants. I still have plenty of stuff left to get through but I’m winning this fight.


Having this surgery is never easy for anyone, let me tell you the pain oml the pain. I am pushing myself to regain mobility but fully understanding how limited I am. I love my family, that are my back bone and my strength in driving forward. Today was a good day. Pain is under control and getting around good. Don’t feel scared to call, if I’m awake I’ll answer, if I’m not I’ll call you back. 💙💙💙

The Big Day

We are in Galveston, tomorrow at 5 am is the big day. I have plenty of family here for support. When someone goes through cancer, it’s not just the person with it affected, it’s the whole family. I’m blessed with a great family and friends who support us. I will under go a major surgery tomorrow, I will have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. When you hear this you will probably think oooo new boobs, not so fast. I will be a walking science experiment over the next few months, they will slowly inflate tissue expanders to make room for a permanent implant. I know everyone is gonna want to know what can they do, how can they help. If you want to help, take some of the pressure off my sister, take a kid to practice, to ccd, to dance. Bring a meal. She will have her hands full. I’ll be concentrating on healing. I love everyone, I’ll see y’all on the upside of this 😁😁 For my Swingster sisters, do great in the parade Friday ❤️