After I saw Dr Silva , I had to leave my job, we moved, my whole life changed. I got in to see an oncologist by the name of Dr Akbani.  He got a game plan going, he wanted to do chemo first. He scheduled me for MRI, Bone scan and other diagnostics. I went back to League City for Genetics, and other tests. Due to my age they wanted to run a genetic panel. We met with the counselor in late July and due to family history of cancer on my father’s side I opted to just run the full panel. She was so sure though it was gonna come back as a mutation in the BRCA1. I am glad I opted against this cause on August 3, during my first chemo session she calls me and tells me its a mutuation in the PTEN gene. This is also known as Cowden Syndrome. I did not have a lot of time to think about it cause I was on TAC chemo and it put me sick for five days, but I scheduled to be evaluated by the Genetic Dr on August 17th. My family and I did our research, like really A RARE GENETIC DISORDER?!?!?  Seriously this cancer stuff is just getting better and better -insert sarcasm- My mom, older sister Amber and I attended that appointment, because its genetics it affects my family. This is something no one wants to pass on. We went over basically what are signs of Cowden Syndrome, a larger head, learning disabilities and so on. This gene mutation killed my ability to fight tumors. This is surreal. This is not just a small fight anymore, this is gonna be a life journey. This blog is gonna be my outlet. Maybe my journey will help someone else, who knows. I am now with two rounds of TAC Chemo under my belt. Four more to go. I’m proud of how I pushed thru this last one.