A lil less than a week ago our area was hit by devastating rain from landfall of Hurricane Harvey, never have I seen a storm hopscotch across a state making 3 landfalls, dumping so much rain that the Weather Channel had to add more colors. We were blessed and took no damage at my sisters home. I sat and watched friends post begging for rescues as the flood water rose. I have never felt so helpless, I shared numbers for people doing rescues. All I could do is sit and watch. All my friends made it out safely, they lost so much, but they are irreplaceable. I have watched some of the best of humanity occur. 

Now what does this mean for Cancer treatment? Beaumont has no water, the cancer center is in Beaumont. What does this mean, will I be ok, I really don’t know. My cancer is said to be aggressive will prolonging the chemo be bad, what about lack of labs. All questions I have left in their answering machine. Pray for SouthEast Texas, this journey is just beginning.