No one wants to have cancer, no one wants to go through Chemo. But what NO ONE wants if you are going through all this is to get sick during treatment. After my last round of chemo, when I was finally starting to move around on Sunday Oct 29th , I started showing signs of Bronchitis. So overnight my symptoms got progressively worse. I called the primary care who I had never seen. I explained I am a Cancer patient and you could even hear me wheezing, they explained there protocol and told me they would contact me the next day with an appointment. This call never came, I ended up going to the ER on Tues, Halloween. I spent 13 hrs in the ER undergoing all kinds of testing, to finally be admitted. Thankfully this stay was only a day, I was discharged the next day. I call the primary care on Thursday because the bronchitis still needs to be treated. They tell me well we were gonna call you today -.- What happened to Tuesday ? o.O So I take the appointment for Fri 9:45. I get a call at 8:45 on Friday with them wanting to reschedule o.O like really, I WAITED A WEEK?!?!?!? I have no immune system, I’m freaking out cause I do not want my symptoms to get bad again, I do not want to be back in the hospital. They showed no empathy and even told me New patients take too long and he doesn’t have time for them today. So I proceeded to use some choice words, not very nice of me but o.O are they trying to kill me o.O I called my insurance and they were able to find me a new dr who could see me that day but the catch he is in Orange. My lovely cousin took me, she’s an angel 😀 I love the new primary care doctor and I got meds to clear my symptoms. So this ordeal seems to be under control. Thankfully after five rounds of chemo, this was my first actual scare. Hopefully I will be blessed and this will be the last.