Chemo has been completed! Woop! I am getting stronger every day. I had a relapse of bronchitis…. BOO! We have to count our blessings though. Now after the first of the year all the really fun things begin. I get to visit dermatology, my surgeon, have an endoscopy, then I will have a bilateral mastectomy. Rare genetic disorders suck, but I was born with it, so I have to keep reminding myself, just keep moving forward. Or in the words of Dory… Just keep swimming….d491647145a3d367a7bb51d6066568e6e4d240a82460fa29ce8e51bfdc8a1d12

Dealing with this is a day to day for me. The constant doctors, the stress, the worry. I will reach my goal though, being healthy, living longer. None of this is in vain cause I will be healthy and have much more time with my kids. No one wants to go through cancer and no one wants to have this syndrome. It sucks. I can handle whatever is thrown my way though ❤