We are in Galveston, tomorrow at 5 am is the big day. I have plenty of family here for support. When someone goes through cancer, it’s not just the person with it affected, it’s the whole family. I’m blessed with a great family and friends who support us. I will under go a major surgery tomorrow, I will have a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction. When you hear this you will probably think oooo new boobs, not so fast. I will be a walking science experiment over the next few months, they will slowly inflate tissue expanders to make room for a permanent implant. I know everyone is gonna want to know what can they do, how can they help. If you want to help, take some of the pressure off my sister, take a kid to practice, to ccd, to dance. Bring a meal. She will have her hands full. I’ll be concentrating on healing. I love everyone, I’ll see y’all on the upside of this 😁😁 For my Swingster sisters, do great in the parade Friday ❤️