Last weekend…

So this week was a busy week, had thyroid biopsy on Monday. I had a upper endoscopy done, only one polyp found woot! Now to wait on pathology on both. Thursday is the big day.. It will finally be time for the big surgery. I trust my doctors, I trust my body. Just ready for it to be over so I can start healing. Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Big Day

So today was a big day for me in my goal to getting better. I saw both my plastic surgeon Dr Julie Park and my surgeon for my mastectomy Dr Helen Silva. The big day has been set! Feb. 8 2018, I will have my bilateral mastectomy and start the reconstruction process. YAY!!! I am looking atΒ  6 1/2 hr surgery to take place at John Sealy Hospital in Galveston. Is it kinda scary yes, am I excited yes! On the road to recovery people!! :DDDDDD I also saw the gyno oncologist and started my process with her. I will have a biopsy on my thyroid this coming Monday, so please pray we get benign results so the goiter can be treated with medication. I will se Dr Gajjar on Thursday the 1rst for an Endoscopy. Thank you everyone for all the help, assistance and prayers so far. We are not anywhere near done, but we are making it through πŸ˜€

Birthdays and Test Results

Yesterday was my 36th Birthday and I am blessed beyond words.

I received sweet gifts from friends and family. When I turned 35 I never would of guessed the curveballs that would be thrown my way. I’m excited to be 36, it’s another year I survived, another year with my children. January 12th I saw my oncologist and found my tumor was now 4.3 cm, after completing harsh chemo, I swear that was like a kick to the gut πŸ˜‘ I felt like the last six months of my life has been wasted. I also received my thyroid ultrasound, I have an enlarged thyroid that has a nodule that is 2.1 cm that has to be biopsied. Like for real can I catch a break?

Fast forward to Tuesday the 16th, I saw my surgeon, she said by the report she thought she was coming into a bad situation. πŸ™„ She said the tumor is harder to findπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜ I did have a response to chemo. Woot! A break ! She scheduled me to see plastic surgery, we are now hopeful for bilateral mastectomy and reconstruction on the same day, I have my intial appointment with them on Jan 26, surgery will be scheduled after this. I saw Dermatology on my birthday, there are signs of my Cowdens but nothing to worry about πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ Another break!!

So whenever things start looking bad, just remember it can always start to turn around when you least expect it. Have an epic Friday😁😁😁


Having a positive attitude while you go through this type of journey inspires people. This journey changes you. Today I was given some of the most thoughtful gifts. A classmate and old time friend went out of his way to locate a rare pair of Jordans designed by a girl who had kidney transplant from her twin. The child did an amazing job and I will wear these shoes proudly. It warms my heart to know that I inspire people. I’m just being me. Thank you Jamaal for your kind words, people like you help us along in the journey. I hope everyone has a Very Merry Christmas.

Moving Forward

Chemo has been completed! Woop! I am getting stronger every day. I had a relapse of bronchitis…. BOO! We have to count our blessings though. Now after the first of the year all the really fun things begin. I get to visit dermatology, my surgeon, have an endoscopy, then I will have a bilateral mastectomy. Rare genetic disorders suck, but I was born with it, so I have to keep reminding myself, just keep moving forward. Or in the words of Dory… Just keep swimming….d491647145a3d367a7bb51d6066568e6e4d240a82460fa29ce8e51bfdc8a1d12

Dealing with this is a day to day for me. The constant doctors, the stress, the worry. I will reach my goal though, being healthy, living longer. None of this is in vain cause I will be healthy and have much more time with my kids. No one wants to go through cancer and no one wants to have this syndrome. It sucks. I can handle whatever is thrown my way though ❀

Round Six

I have never been so nervous and excited all in the same day. This is finally round!!!!! It’s finally here!! Yayyyyyy!!! Nauseated for so long, I’m nervous this is gonna be a yucky round. Wish me luck! Here we go !

Getting Sick

No one wants to have cancer, no one wants to go through Chemo. But what NO ONE wants if you are going through all this is to get sick during treatment. After my last round of chemo, when I was finally starting to move around on Sunday Oct 29th , I started showing signs of Bronchitis. So overnight my symptoms got progressively worse. I called the primary care who I had never seen. I explained I am a Cancer patient and you could even hear me wheezing, they explained there protocol and told me they would contact me the next day with an appointment. This call never came, I ended up going to the ER on Tues, Halloween. I spent 13 hrs in the ER undergoing all kinds of testing, to finally be admitted. Thankfully this stay was only a day, I was discharged the next day. I call the primary care on Thursday because the bronchitis still needs to be treated. They tell me well we were gonna call you today -.- What happened to Tuesday ? o.O So I take the appointment for Fri 9:45. I get a call at 8:45 on Friday with them wanting to reschedule o.O like really, I WAITED A WEEK?!?!?!? I have no immune system, I’m freaking out cause I do not want my symptoms to get bad again, I do not want to be back in the hospital. They showed no empathy and even told me New patients take too long and he doesn’t have time for them today. So I proceeded to use some choice words, not very nice of me but o.O are they trying to kill me o.O I called my insurance and they were able to find me a new dr who could see me that day but the catch he is in Orange. My lovely cousin took me, she’s an angel πŸ˜€ I love the new primary care doctor and I got meds to clear my symptoms. So this ordeal seems to be under control. Thankfully after five rounds of chemo, this was my first actual scare. Hopefully I will be blessed and this will be the last.